3D Hologram

3D hologram

What is 3D Hologram?

Live 3D Holograms are the things of the future.  Unlike a 3D movie, you can see a 3D object (hologram) without the need for special glasses using 3D hologram techniques.  3D holograms are exciting and defy expectations.  In the future, 3D holograms will be common place as your kids will watch 3D holographic movies, interact with friends in this manner and collaborate in workplace with 3D holograms.

Why learn 3D Hologram?

Kids can learn 3D holograms for phones using cheap materials and easy techniques.  This will excite them and introduce them to the concept of 3D hologram.  Learning 3D hologram helps them to appreciate this new technology, and fires up their imagination into the possibilities of the 3D tech world.

How do my kids learn 3D Hologram?

Your kids will prepare a 3D hologram kit using cheap materials and easy technique.  They will learn to use their phones to generate 3D hologram effects, and prepare a presentation on this technique.

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