3D Magic Pen

3d magic pen

What is 3D Magic Pen?

It’s a pen that can draw in the air! A 3D pen is a like a normal pen but draws a 3D object in real time.

Why learn 3D Magic Pen?

It’s all about the experience of creating a 3D object by drawing it in the air.  This fires up your kids’ imagination, and let them express their creativity.  A 3D pen drawing experience helps your kids to express their drawing talent in a brand new way, and lets them express their creativity in a fun new way. This helps them to learn early the possibilities of the 3D tech world that they will journey into.

How do my kids learn?

Your kids will experience various hands-on activities using 3D magic pens (which are provided).  The structured program teaches them to explore various 3D pen drawing techniques and create wonderful and creative objects.


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