Coding for Kids

Kids coding

What is Coding for Kids?

Young learners without software programming knowledge can benefit from learning fundamental programming concepts.  Coding for Kids curriculum aims to provide young learners with a strong foundational knowledge in the logic of computational thinking and programming concepts.

Why Coding for Kids?

Learning software programming from a young age helps your children to apply structured thinking in solving problems in their daily lives, understand the nature of software that they use daily, and unleash their creativity in creating apps & games.

How do they learn?

Kids will first learn the logic of computer science and computational thinking. They will learn the fundamental programming concepts such as the use of blocks for sequential programming.  The young coders will then learn how to animate, create games, music and later on, move to a more complex programming language.

Who are suitable to learn this?

Young learners between the age of 8 and 12+.  No prior knowledge of software programming is necessary.

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